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AI Dental Edge helps dental practices get more
qualified leads through a blend of marketing campaigns


AI Dental Edge

Decrease total monthly marketing spend

AI Dental Edge

Increase inbound phone calls, leads and new cases

AI Dental Edge

Increase total marketing return on investment (ROI)

Invisibility in Google Search Results

Despite efforts, your dental practice remains unseen in crucial Google search results.

Unproductive Investments

Your investments in content creation or paid advertising haven’t translated into a noticeable increase in patient appointments.

Unfulfilled Promises by Marketing Agencies

Past collaborations with marketing agencies have left you with unmet expectations and promises.

Facing Challenges in attracting New patients to Your Dental Practice?

Search engine marketing stands as a pivotal tool in drawing new patients to your dental practice. You’re likely familiar with this and may have even ventured into SEO or PPC campaigns, only to be met with lackluster outcomes, contrary to what was promised.

AI Dental Edge Team

How AI Dental Edge Can Elevate Your Practice

  • AI Dental Edge

    Reduce Overall Marketing Expenses

    Streamline your marketing budget by focusing on strategies that deliver real results, not just clicks and impressions.

  • AI Dental Edge

    Boost Inquiries and Appointments

    Increase the number of calls and appointments from potential patients who are actively seeking the dental services you offer.

  • AI Dental Edge

    Enhance Marketing ROI

    Achieve a higher return on investment by targeting the right audience with precision and expertise.

AI Dental Edge PPC for Dentists

Prepared for Increased Leads?

AI Dental Edge
Schedule a Discovery

A half-hour comprehensive analysis delving into the marketing strategies of your law firm, examining past efforts, studying competitors, and aligning with your future marketing aspirations.

AI Dental Edge
Get a Growth Map

Receive a comprehensive roadmap detailing the steps required to boost lead generation from search engines, complete with investment estimates and expected timeline for results.

AI Dental Edge
Generate More Leads

Upon accepting our roadmap, we'll commence building your campaigns. Typically, our clients begin receiving leads within 30 days.

Here’s How We’ll Get You More Patients

Most agencies fail to deliver results because they only focus on a few parts of the search engine result pages. Instead, we attack every single opportunity to make sure your dental practice generates quality leads.

Local SEO Services for Dentists
  • AI Dental Edge

    Quickly Start with paid Ads

    Initially, we establish several paid search campaigns aimed at pinpointing the keywords generating the most valuable leads at minimal expense. Through mapping these leads to specific keywords, we gain precise insights into the strategies needed to amplify our reach.

  • AI Dental Edge

    Craft High-Value Content

    We leverage successful keywords to create fresh website content, initiating the organic ranking process.

  • AI Dental Edge

    Cut Paid Ad Reliance

    We persist in discovering, scaling, and prioritizing new keywords to enhance organic growth. We aim to develop an engine that identifies the most valuable keywords.

  • AI Dental Edge

    Localize Search Optimization

    The last step involves optimizing for hyper-local searches (nearby), which includes refining GBP profiles, garnering reviews, and securing local citations.

  • AI Dental Edge

    Track Conversions

    We meticulously track everything in a lead dashboard. Our consultants set up call, form, and website engagement tracking to provide clear insights into your leads, traffic, and rankings.

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